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Between Earth & Sky (2023) - associate producer
Renowned ecologist Nalini Nadkarni studies "what grows back” after a disturbance in the rainforest canopy. After surviving a life-threatening fall from a tree, she must turn her research question onto herself to explore the effects of disturbance and recovery throughout her own life.
no concessions (2020) - writer / director
On a hot summer day, two sisters find solace in a local movie theater. Through small rebellions, they take on the world alongside each other.
Můj Kvítek (2019) - writer / art director
A film about a young girl who loses control of her friendship.
Shot on 35mm in Prague, Czech Republic.
Prom Queens (2018) - writer
A film about a young girl taking a chance at Prom. Previously streamed on PlanetOut.
Banshee (2018)
An experimental film exploration into the myth of the banshee focusing on three elements of her being: living near water, long hair, and distinct wailing
Silhouettes (2017)
A film exploring the beauty of shadows.
Shot on 16mm film.
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